Rekha, the beautiful and Veteran actress of Bollywood, is always in the news. Rekha gets a lot of headlines for her fashion sense. Wherever Rekha goes, the Mahfil takes her name. Rekha is often talked about, but today we will talk about Rekha’s six sisters. Do you know Rekha has a real sister and 5 stepsisters. All these sisters are successful in their lives.


Rekha’s father Gemini Ganeshan was a well-known actor in South films. Gemini Ganesan performed three weddings. Gemini had 4 daughters from his first wife Alamelu. Rekha and Radha were married to Pushpavali, the second wife. He also has two children from third wife Savitri. One of them has a daughter Chamundeswari and a son. In this way Rekha has a close sister and five stepsisters. Even though Rekha does not have a good relationship with father Ganesan but there is a lot of love among all the sisters. Let’s tell you about all the sisters of Rekha today.


Revathi Swaminathan-

Rekha’s eldest sister is Revati Swaminathan, a well-known doctor in the US. Revathi is a radiation oncologist. Revathi lives far away from the limelight. Revathi has a very good bonding with her sister Rekha.


Kamala Selvaraj-

Rekha’s second sister is named Kamala Selvaraj. Like elder sister Revathi, Kamala is also a famous doctor. Kamla runs a hospital in Chennai. The name of this hospital is GG Hospital. Patients from far and wide come to checkup with Kamala. He is counted among the well-known doctors of Chennai.


Narayani Ganesh-

Rekha’s third sister is named Narayani Ganesh. After two sisters became doctors and one sister became actress, Rekha’s third sister chose the path of pen and became a journalist. Yes Narayani Ganesh has been a journalist and works in a leading newspaper. Narayani is employed in a good position.


Vijaya Chamundeshwari

Now let’s talk about another sister of Rekha named Vijaya Chamundeshwari. Chamundeshwari is a physiotherapist by profession. Most of Rekha’s sisters tried their hand in the medical field and are successful in their lives today. 


Radha Osman Syed

Rekha’s sister Radha has been an actress. She has worked in several South films. However, he did not earn much name in the industry. After marriage, Radha gave up doing films. After a long relationship, Radha married model Usman Shaheed. She currently lives in the United States. Recently Radha arrived at the royal wedding of Armaan Jain along with Rekha. Along with Rekha, the beauty of Radha was also kept in the Mahafil.


Jaya Sridhar-

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