Katrina Kaif gets up, close & personal with Lilly Singh in Self Kare Video

Kaif reveals that Lilly began scripting and curating videos for the video streaming platform to battle depression. The superstar also complimented her for turning author with her book, ‘How To Be A Bawse’. The duo talks about the the prejudiced judgment women become victims of and the biased labels they are subjected to.


In the video, Kaif makes a powerful statement as she says, “We have to appreciate and accept all the aspects of ourselves. There will be days when you really are confident and have it all together and you are dealing with challenge that comes your way with such poise, dignity and grace. And then there will hit a phase when something will trigger your weakest parts and the raw emotions inside you. And you have to okay with that as well.”

Self Kare With Kay is indeed a testament to Kay Beauty, which has made a mark for being brand that ‘kares’.

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