alaika arora shares her experience during covid 19: Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is very active on social media. On Instagram, Malaika often shares photos in bold avatar, in which she looks very sexy and beautiful. Let us tell you that Malaika is 46 years old, but with her bold and slim   looks, she competes with today’s new actress. However,  Malaika had lost a lot of weight due to the corona virus last year, which she had to work hard to reduce. 

Recently Malaika has shared her corona with Journey Fans. He told me that it was also very difficult for him to walk two steps during Corona  . He has also prayed for early recovery of the entire world. 

While sharing the post on Instagram, Malaika wrote  , ‘You are very lucky’, ‘It must have been very easy for you’ … I hear this often. Yes, I am grateful for many things in life. But there is a very small roll of luck in it. And ease? It was not like that at all. I went Corona positive on 5 September and it was very bad. Anyone who calls Kovid recovery easy is either very fortunate to have good immunity or is not aware of Kovid’s struggles. I have gone through it and it was not easy at all. ‘

Malaika further wrote that, ‘Corona physically broke me. Walking two steps seemed too difficult for me. Just getting up from your bed or standing at the window was like a journey. I had gained weight and was feeling very weak. My stamina was all over. I was away from my family too. ‘

After this Malaika writes that, ‘On September 26, lastly my test came negative and I was very happy that I finally did it. But Weakness remained. I was disappointed that my body was not supporting the way my brain was feeling. I was afraid that I would never get the strength back. I used to wonder whether I would be able to finish an activity in 24 hours or not. My first workout was very dangerous. I couldn’t do anything properly. I was broken but the other day I came back and told myself, I am going to make myself. After this, the third, fourth and fifth days and so on. It has been 32 weeks since I was negative. I have started feeling like before. The four letter word that pushed me was HOPE. A hope that everything will be alright while I feel that something is not right. Along with this, Malaika has thanked those who supported her and prayed for a speedy recovery of the world.

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