Bollywood actresses worst makeup looks: Ranu Mandal became an internet sensation overnight in the year 2019. Ranu, who earned money by singing a song at the railway station, got viral when the video of the song went viral and he was compared to Lata Mangeshkar. Himesh Reshammiya listened to Ranu’s singing in a reality show and then gave him a chance to sing in his film Happy, Hardy and Heer. During that time, Ranu Mandal became an overnight celebrity. He was called in many shows. She even reached the inauguration of a parlor as the chief guest, but there was a dispute about her makeup. On social media, many make-up photos went viral and people started comparing them to ghosts. 




 Ranu Mandal also did a ramp walk at the inauguration event of the parlor in Kanpur, UP. Seeing the style of Ranu, people had made fun of him, on social media, the trolller compared him to the ghost. People started saying that it seems that Ranu Mandal has applied Fair and Lovely Cream more. For many days, people keep making fun of Ranu for her makeup. Let us tell you that not only Ranu Mandal but many Bollywood actresses have made fun of her makeup. Because of the makeup of Bollywood actresses, she has been compared to Bhoot. 




Priyanka Chopra




 Priyanka Chopra was trolled on the red carpet of the Met Gala in the year 2019 due to her peculiar look. In this look, Priyanka’s makeup and hairdo were all so loud that due to this, people did not know how many names were given to them. Telling someone bird’s nest to their hairstyles  have   if someone had said to like Witch their look.




Aishwarya Rai Bachchan



In 2016, the actress was trolled due to her lipstick. Aishwarya wore purple color lipstick with her dress on this occasion, due to which people made fun of her.  People even compared him to wall paint. Even today  , this makeup of Aishwarya comes in the list of worst makeup. 




Deepika Padukone





Deepika Padukone, who was included in the list of Bollywood’s top actress, had to be trolled due to this look. In this look, a light foundation shade was used on Deepika’s brown skin, which was making her unsightly. People made fun of this look of him.


Kangana Ranaut





Controversy queen Kangana Ranaut also had to be trolled due to her makeup. In this picture, her makeup looks quite ugly. On this picture, people mocked him a lot.



Sonam Kapoor




Actress Sonam Kapoor, who often made headlines for her fashion sense, has also been trolled due to her makeup. Actually during an event, Sonam Kapoor had to be trolled due to her poor foundation. In Sonam’s look, due to the foundation shade not being properly blended, deep patches were seen on her face which was spoiling her look.



Tara Sutaria





When Tara Sutaria arrived at an event, the concealer under her eyes was not blended properly, due to which the makeup did not match Tara’s skin tone at all. And because of this, his look looked quite ugly.

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