shah rukh khana and wife gauri lived here before mannat see inside pics :  The  Badshah of  Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most handsome and romantic hero of the industry. Shahrukh, who worked in many blockbuster films, struggled a lot in the beginning of his career. Shahrukh started his career 28 years ago with the film Deewana. This film made him a star and after this film as if he started ruling the industry. But tell that it was not so easy for a boy from a modest house to rule in Mumbai. He had to struggle a lot to reach this point.




When Shahrukh came to Mumbai, he did not even have a place to hide his head. In such a situation, film producer and actor Vivek Vaswani had given him shelter in his house and Shahrukh stayed at his house for a long time. After some time he took his house.




 Before Mannat, Shah Rukh lived with his wife Gauri  on the 7th floor in Mumbai’s Amrit apartment. Shahrukh bought this flat  a few years after the release of the film ‘Deewana’. This was his first property in Mumbai. 




His house was a 3 BHK C – Facing flat, which was in Carter Road, Bandra West. Shahrukh and Gauri lived in this house for many years till they bought Mannat. 

 Shahrukh likes this house very much. Shahrukh also considers this flat very lucky for himself, so he has not sold this house till date. Shahrukh’s nameplate is still there with the name of the society outside the apartment. This  3 bhk   flat also comes with a terrace, from where there is a spectacular view of the sea. 




In this house, there is a small very luxurious  dining area, where there is  window with sliding panels  . This  window has a view of the  sea. 



It  is not hidden from anyone how much Shahrukh is fond of reading books . You can guess this desire of Shahrukh by looking at this picture. She has kept a bookshelf in one side of her living room  , which is full of books.


This is the living room of Shahrukh’s flat  . Where there is a comfortable black leather sofa. Also, to make the look more spectacular, Shahrukh has also put a beautiful painting on the wall  .






Shahrukh Khan, who once lived in this small house, is the owner of property worth crores today. Today  Shahrukh Khan  has properties worth crores in countries like Delhi, Mumbai to Europe and America. See  the list of their  properties  


Shahrukh’s bungalow ‘Mannat’ located in Mumbai is popular all over the world. Its cost is Rs 200 crore. His luxurious mansion Mannat is in the Bandra area of ​​Mumbai . This five-storey house of Shahrukh is no less than a palace.


Alibaug, a few kilometers from Mumbai, also has Shah Rukh Khan’s luxurious sea-facing holiday home. Where Shahrukh loves to spend holidays and party with friends. This bungalow of Shahrukh is located on the beach of Alibaug. 



Shahrukh Khan’s Delhi Kothi is also quite spectacular. This house is in Panchsheel Park area. Recently Gauri has done a makeover of this house. After which this house of his has also started looking as luxurious as Mannat. 



Shahrukh also has a house in Dubai. The name of his house is ‘Jannat’. Located in the middle of the sea, ‘Jannat’ looks like a five star resort. Shahrukh’s luxurious bungalow has a total of 6 bedrooms. And there is also a private beach. 

Shahrukh also has a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills in California, USA. This bungalow of Shahrukh is no less than a luxury resort. There is greenery all around and a palace-like bungalow in the middle. 



Shah Rukh has also bought a luxurious apartment for himself in London, one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Shahrukh Khan’s beautiful house is in the posh area Park Lane in central London. 

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