When Sonakshi Sinha had to listen to taunts due to obesity, even a hero had forbidden her from working.

Dabangg’ girl Sonakshi Sinha. Sonakshi has turned 34 years old. Sonakshi is going to celebrate her 34th birthday with the family while staying at home. Sonakshi’s birthday celebration had started from 12 o’clock in the night. Apart from friends and family, fans are also congratulating Sonakshi on her birthday through social media. 

Well, Sonakshi has come a long way. Journey from 90 kg to 60 kg… Sonakshi’s Fat to Fit Journey is an inspiration to many young girls. 

Even though Sonakshi is a star kid, Sonakshi has to go through a different struggle to stay in the industry. Often Sonakshi has to be a victim of body shaming and trolling. It is known to all that Sonakshi is as fit as she is today, a few years ago she used to be as heavy as she is.

To debut in Bollywood with the film ‘Dabangg’, 90 kg Sonakshi had lost 30 kg. Sonakshi of 60 kg was given a chance by Salman Khan to step into the film world with his film ‘Dabangg’. 

However, Sonakshi’s trolling did not stop even after she lost 30 kg. Today Sonakshi is very fit, yet the trollers do not hold back from making fun of her.

By the way, Sonakshi has become cool now, she does not mind any kind of comments from the trollers. But there was a time when people’s taunts directly pierced Sonakshi’s heart. Some time ago, in an interview, Sonakshi read out the comments she received on social media. 

Everyone was surprised to hear that. Some troll had advised Sonakshi to ‘eat less, do more gym’, while someone judged her and said that ‘Tumse na ho payega’. A troller crossed the limit and advised Sonakshi to get married and settle down. That troller wrote, ‘Tie the bed and settle down after getting married, it is not yours.’

You will probably be surprised to know that Ranbir Kapoor is also among those who rejected Sonakshi because of her looks. Once Ranbir had turned down the offer to do a film with Sonakshi saying that Sonakshi looks older and more mature than him.  

Not only this, Shahid Kapoor also expressed similar thoughts after working with Sonakshi in the film ‘R…

It is not that Sonakshi had to be a victim of body shaming only after coming to Bollywood. Sonakshi used to hear people’s taunts because of her increased weight even when she was doing fashion designing. Referring to an anecdote, Sonakshi had told that when she was doing fashion designing, she walked the ramp at a fashion show, then seeing her on the ramp a celebrity model said ‘this cow is doing the catwalk here?’

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