Chahat Khanna’s reaction on the controversy between Nisha and Karan-I remembered my days but…

The news of the controversy that broke out in the married life of TV couple Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal has been in the headlines for the past two days. The quarrel of the broken marriage of both has reached the police station. Both have also made many serious allegations against each other. At the same time, in the meantime, many TV celebs are giving their respective feedback on this whole matter. Now TV actress Chahat Khanna has also reacted to the quarrel between Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal. Chahat says that seeing the condition of Nisha Rawal, he has remembered his time, but along with this he has also instructed Karan and Nisha. 

Chahat Khanna, while reacting to this whole matter in an interview said, “I was shocked, this incident reminded me of my old days. I got very upset. But I personally think that you should not speak publicly about the house. this is not right. They shouldn’t talk about it in the media, it doesn’t make any sense. I do not support this. I am no one to say it. But talking about affairs in public is not right. “

Let us tell you that Chahat Khanna has also suffered the pain of a broken marriage. Chahat Khanna had a second marriage with Farhan Mirza. Both got married in 2013. From this marriage, Chahat had two daughters, Johar and Amyra. But in 2018 Chahat got divorced from Farhan.

Rakhi Sawant’s reaction has also come to the fore before Karan and Nisha’s desire for controversy. Rakhi Sawant said in this matter – that she has known this couple for the last several years, they live in the same building, but they never even dreamed that something like this would happen. Rakhi told that many times I have seen Nisha Rawal myself keeping the occasion of Karvachauth, Nisha has also applied mehndi on my hands many times. But now I have completely lost faith in love and marriage. I can’t believe how all this can happen. Nisha has also been beaten a lot, I saw in the pictures she was bleeding profusely. I am very sad to know all this about this pair.

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