The beautiful actresses of 80 s were SARIKA, Kamal Hasan, Mithun and Kapil Dev’s affair was discussed

Sarika Thakur’s name is also included in the list of beautiful beauties of the 80s in Bollywood. Actress Sarika Thakur, who entered the world of acting as a child artist, was born on June 3, 1960 in New Delhi. The actress is celebrating her 61st birthday today. 

Sarika started her acting career at the age of five. Despite doing excellent work in the film industry, Sarika remained in the discussion about her personal life. Sarika’s name was also associated with the big stars of the film industry. In which names like Kamal Haasan, Mithun and Kapil Dev are included.

Kapil Dev 

Kapil Dev has been a very famous cricketer of Team India and many Bollywood actresses also fell on him. Kapil Dev’s name was associated with Sarika in the 80s. Kapil Dev met Sarika at a Bollywood party. Sarika’s entry in Kapil’s life happened when he was already in love with Romi Dev. It is said that when there was a rift between Kapil and Romi, Sarika supported the broken heart of Haryana Hurricane. The affair between Sarika and Kapil Dev went on for some time. Sarika once reached Chandigarh to get Kapil Dev from Romi, but by then Romi Bhatia had returned to Kapil’s life. 

Kamala hasan

After separating from Kapil Dev, Kamal Haasan knocked in Sarika’s life. When Sarika came to Chennai after leaving the film industry, she fell in love with actor Kamal Haasan. Kamal Haasan also fell in love with Sarika at first sight. Sarika was working since childhood but she could never get the love of her parents. But when Sarika got love from Kamal Haasan, she started living in live-in at that time without caring about the society. Sarika got pregnant while living in live-in with Kamal Haasan. She gave birth to daughter Shruti Haasan in 1986 and two years later, Kamal Haasan and Sarika tied the knot in 1988. After being together for about 16 years, Sarika once again became single. Sarika and Kamal Haasan got divorced in the year 2004. 

Mithun Chakraborty

There was a time when Sarika’s name was also associated with Mithun. It is said that both of them liked each other very much. But their relationship did not last long. Mithun was very upset after separating from Sarika. So he needed new support. At that time Mithun married Helena after the breakup with Sarika.   

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