‘Why Uthe Dil Kaye’ fame actress Gracy Goswami bought a luxury car on her 18th birthday

kyun utthe dil chhod aayes fame gracy goswami buys a luxury car on her 18th birthday:  ‘Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye’s’ fame actress Gracy Goswami recently (31 May) Celebrated his 18th birthday. On this special occasion, the actress has given herself a very special gift. Whose pictures he shared on his Instagram and told the fans that a new family member has joined his house. 

Actually, the actress has gifted herself a luxury car on the occasion of her birthday  , which she has expressed her happiness by sharing many pictures on social media. The car that the actress has taken is a shining BMW car in black color. The happiness on Gracie’s face is clearly visible in the pictures after buying this luxury car. 

In some pictures, Gracie is seen posing inside the car, while in some pictures she is posing outside the car. Gracie is wearing a lavender color polka dot top and white trousers during this time  . She is looking  very beautiful in these pictures . Seeing this car, the excitement is clearly visible on his face. 

In this picture,  Gracie is seen sitting with her family. Fans are very fond of all these posts of Gracie, as well as commenting and sending her best wishes. 

Sharing these pictures, Gracie wrote in the caption, ‘  Thank you to my family and all of you who have kept their love for me. Your love is very important for my life and career. I hope we all will be strong. I feel very blessed, thank you all.’

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