The daughters of these famous actresses of 90 s can also step into Bollywood.

Raveena Tandon, Karisma Kapoor, Kajol, Juhi Chawla, Madhu, these are the actresses who ruled the silver screen in the 90s. Whose beauty beat the hearts of the people, then the performance made the audience crazy. However, now all these actresses have crossed the age of 45, and are mothers of teenage daughters. So today we will show you, the teenage daughters of these 90’s actresses, who stay away from the limelight. But in beauty is the shadow of her mother.

Raveena Tandon –

Raveena Tandon, popularly known as ‘Mast Mast Girl’, made her Bollywood debut with the 1992 film ‘Pathar Ke Phool’. Because of her beauty, Raveena also got the tag of Raveena Raveena. Raveena is now 45 years old. His daughter Rasha Thadani has also turned 15 years old. Rasha and Raveena share a bond of close friends. 

Raveena shared Tiktok videos with Rasha on her Instagram account, in which it was not difficult to say that Rasha is as stylish as Raveena. Rasha studies at Dhirubhai Ambani International School.


The pairing of Kajol and her daughter Nyasa Devgan is one of the most popular mother-daughter duo of Bollywood. Kajol and Ajay Devgn want to keep their two kids Nyasa and Yug away from the limelight. At the same time, they want to raise their children like ordinary children away from media attention. Nevertheless, Nyasa often dominates social media. 

Nyasa looks like Kajol, her pictures go viral on social media, although sometimes Nyasa also has to face trolling. Nyasa is currently studying in Singapore. Nyasa’s heart also beats for Bollywood. And later she is also going to step into Bollywood.

Karishma Kapoor-

Karisma Kapoor, the queen of Bollywood, is also enjoying her motherhood, Karisma is the mother of two children. In 2005, Karishma’s daughter Samaira was born, who is now 15 years old. 

Teenager Adara is often spotted with her mom and brother Kiaan. Adara also studies at Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

Juhi Chawla-

Juhi Chawla became very popular in the 90’s due to her charming smile and bubbly style. However, now Juhi is away from films, and spends most of her time in social work. Juhi is also the mother of two children. Juhi’s daughter Jhanvi and son Arjun study in London, and stay away from social media. 

Juhi’s beautiful daughter Jhanvi loves simplicity. Jhanvi does not want to be an actress like her mother, but she wants to become a writer.

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