You will also be betrayed by seeing Hema Malini’s beauty, she earns millions by copying Dreamgirl

Bollywood actress dream girl Hema malini dublicate Seema motwani: Hema Malini, one of the most beautiful actresses of her era, is not just called a dream girl. Hema Malini has made a special identity in Bollywood on the basis of her amazing beauty and acting. Even after reaching this stage of age, there is no dearth of beauty in Hema Malini. There was a time when people used to say to the girl who eats more, that ‘Hema Malini considers herself’. Every girl used to wish for beauty like her, but let us tell you that there are many such beauties in this world who look like Hema Malini.  


 A mimicry artist named Seema Motwani has been called a lookalike of Hema Malini . Seema benefits a lot by being Hema Malini’s lookalike. Seema Motwani is in great demand due to being Hema Malini’s lookalike. In many shows, she mimics Hema and earns a lot of money. You will be surprised to know that Seema Motwani charges Rs 35000 per episode, that is, even if she does 20-25 shows in a month, then according to that she earns more than 7 lakhs in a month.



Let us tell you that Seema Motwani started her career as a mimicry artist and comedian. The special thing about Seema’s mimicry is that she can mimic the voice of not only actors but also heroines. 



The same Seema has also worked with Hema Malini in actor Puneet Issar’s TV show ‘Jai Mata Ki’. While Hema Malini was in the role of Devi in ​​this show, Seema Motwani was given the role of a queen.




Once in this show, Seema was walking with her costume that people on the set felt that Hema Malini was roaming around. This was disclosed by Seema herself. In fact, when Seema came out on the set in the Queen’s costume and started walking around on the set while practicing her dialogues, the people on the set were stunned to see Seema in the Queen’s clothes.




When the director of the show caught sight of Seema Motwani, he thought that she was Hema Malini and he started apologizing for that costume and said that sorry I gave you these clothes by mistake. Then his assistant director came there and he said that Seemaji had to give the costume of the queen, was she not? Everyone was surprised on hearing this. No one could believe that it was not Hema Malini but Seema Motwani who looked exactly like Hema. That’s where Seema Motwani’s luck turned and she became famous with Hema’s lookalike.


Let us tell you that Hema’s lookalike has been working in the entertainment world for a long time. She has done more than 20 commercials and has also worked in many TV shows, she is ‘Kabhi Soutan Kabhi Saheli’, ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki’, ‘Kehta Hai Dil’, ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom’, ‘Mehendi Tere’. Naam Ki’, ‘Cid’ and ‘Aahat’.

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