When Karisma Kapoor got angry because of one act of Riddhima Kapoor, Sautan became the reason of discord

The members of Bollywood’s oldest and famous family ‘Kapoor family’ are always in the news. In this way, the Kapoor family unites like a big happy family on every occasion. Be it happiness or sorrow, the members of the Kapoor family are seen playing each other’s side. By the way, the ‘Cold War’ that went on in the Kapoor family is also not hidden from anyone.

It is known to all that there was a time when the figure of 36 lived between Raj Kapoor’s two daughters-in-law Babita and Neetu Kapoor. The war that broke out between Jethani and Devrani used to make headlines in the corridors of gossips. For many years, the conversation between Babita and Neetu Kapoor was completely closed. 

But do you know that there was a tremendous ‘cold war’ not only between the daughter-in-laws of the Kapoor family but also between the two lovely daughters? We are talking about Babita’s daughter Karisma Kapoor and Neet Kapoor’s daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni’s ‘Cold War’.

There was a time when the relationship between Karishma and Riddhima had deteriorated in such a way that Karishma became very angry with her younger cousin Riddhima. The shocking thing is that this distance between the two cousin sisters had increased due to Karisma’s ex-husband Sanjay Kapoor and his third wife Priya Sachdev. 

Actually Sanjay Kapoor married Priya Sachdev after divorce from Karisma. But resentment among the Kapoor sisters escalated when Riddhima entered into a business partnership with Sanjay’s third wife Priya Sachdev. Riddhima’s joining hands with Karishma’s sister Priya was in a lot of controversies in those days. Karishma and her mother Babita did not like Riddhima’s partnership in Priya’s jewelery business. Let us tell you that Riddhima is a well-known jewelery designer. Riddhima often promotes Priya’s website on social media. She also keeps commenting and liking Karishma’s ex-husband Sanjay Kapoor’s post. 

However, in the initial phase, Karishma was shocked to increase Riddhima’s bonding with Sanjay and Priya. According to media reports, Karishma and Riddhima’s relationship was not very good since childhood. The war between Babita and Neetu Kapoor had an effect on their children as well.

While Karisma and Kareena used to share a good bond with their cousin Ranbir Kapoor, their distance from Riddhima was clearly visible.

 Let us tell you that Neetu Kapoor and Riddhima did not attend Karisma Kapoor’s wedding. Rishi Kapoor had reached the wedding of the elder daughter of the family alone.

At the same time, when Rishi and Neetu Kapoor married daughter Riddhima, Babita did not attend the wedding with both her daughters Karishma-Kareena. Only Randhir Kapoor had come to bless his niece Riddhima. 

However, now this bitterness has gradually gone away. Karishma-Riddhima are often seen sharing good bonding at family functions.

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