Katrina Kaif Sexy Photo Video: Katrina Kaif crosses all limits of boldness, see sexy photo video

Katrina Kaif, who is currently touring around the world with Salman Khan for Da-Bangg Reloaded 2018, has been on a photo-sharing spree since past few days. While the actress is obviously garnering a lot of love for her stunning photoshoot, it’s Arjun Kapoor‘s comments that are getting more attention.

A few days ago Katrina shared a few pictures and a video from her latest photoshoot. The ‘Jagga Jassos’ actress looked absolutely mesmeric in those powerful poses. But, the pictures had a certain dust effect in the background and we guess that is what prompted Arjun Kapoor to ask, “U got dandruff, Katrina.” Katrina chose to ignore him but this clearly didn’t deter him from further poking fun at the actress.

On July 7, she posted another breathtaking picture of herself. It’s a black and white one which sees the beautiful actress standing up straight with her arms behind her head. This time Arjun wrote, “And now ur ALL CLEAR !!! Good job Katrina…” For those who didn’t get it, Arjun made a reference to a popular anti-dandruff shampoo here.

This time Katrina had a comeback ready. She replied, “@arjunkapoor I know you want to try these poses…. I’ll come back and show u, I promise.” She also mentioned Varun Dhawan, another member of the ‘We Hate Katrina Kaif Fan Club’ and wrote, “@arjunkapoor even @varundvn can show u some poses in my absence.” To which Dhawan commented, “humility”.

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