صبور علی نے انکشاف کیا کہ مریم انصاری نے علی انصاری کی منگنی میں میچ میکر کھیلا

Saboor Aly is spilling the beans about her surprise engagement ceremony.

Speaking with BBC Urdu in a recent interview, the Fitrat star revealed that her ‘baat pakki’ was entirely set up by Ali’s sister Maryam Ansari with the help of Sajal Aly.

Saboor reveals that she had never planned on marrying Ali and things fell into place in a span of days.

“It was a surprise for us also. When we were on the show, there was nothing there. Maryam (Ansari’s sister) has always been a very good friend of mine and Sajal’s. I even worked on a project with Ali where I would discuss things about my life with him and he would do the same with me,” revealed Saboor.

“Maryam would always say, ‘I want to look for a nice girl for my brother’ and I would recommend girls to Ali. Maryam would ask me why I wouldn’t marry her brother. She’d say he is very caring and nice and that whatever girl ends up with him would be very lucky. This never really crossed my mind,” shared the actor.

She later continued, “When we got to talking, I told him I wasn’t someone who’d want to prolong the talking stage, and that if I am interested, I’d want something serious from the get-go. I thought it wouldn’t work out after I said that, but right after that things started moving very quickly, I didn’t even know what I’d wear on my baat pakki. We decided everything in a day. I was very scared at first, but now I consider myself very lucky.”

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