When these TV stars refused to play ‘old role’ in the serial, many left the show!

In the TV world, to bring the story of the serial from one turn to another, sometimes romantic and sometimes drama is shown. At times, aspects of common people’s lives are also shown in the shows. Because of which stars also have to play roles of different ages. But do you know that there are many such stars in the TV world who left the show instead of looking old on screen and playing the parents of older actors. Let us tell you who are these stars –



1. Drishti Dhami –

Actress Drashti Dhami became famous from house to house in the name of Madhubala of TV. Drishti played the role of Nandini in the TV serial ‘Silsila’. When the story of taking a leap came in this serial, Drishti got an offer to play the role of mother. But Drishti probably did not like this role and thought it better to leave the show itself. Although even before this show Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani was also said goodbye for the same reason. Drishti said that she did not want to play the role of mother in the show and her role was over. 


2. Mohit Sehgal –

Mohit Sehgal is one of the well-known actors of TV. Mohit got a lot of fame from ‘Mile Jab Hum Tum’. However, when Mohit got an offer to play an older role, he flatly refused. Mohit did not want to play the role of father in his career. Mohit had refused to play the father’s role after the leap in the show Sarojini. 



3. Khushboo Lotus –

The name of Khushboo Kamal, who plays Bondita’s aunt in TV’s popular show ‘Barrister Babu’, is also included in this list. She did not have to play the role of mother in the show, due to which she said goodbye to the show. Khushboo says that she cannot play the mother of a 20-year-old girl on screen. This was the reason that the makers of the show prepared the story of killing his character. 


4. Isha Singh –

The next name in this list is that of actress Isha Singh. Esha, who was seen in the serial Ishq Ka Rang Safed, also refused to play the offered mother’s character after the leap and left the show. Isha said that at that time she was just a teenager and she was afraid that after playing the role of mother, her career would be spoiled. Isha was afraid that she would not get the roles according to her in her career again, due to which she took her leave from the show. 


5. Meera Deosthale –

 The name of Meera, who plays Chakor in Udaan, is also included in this list. Meera, who played Chakor for three years in Udaan, left the show after the show leapt. The makers offered her the role of a daughter’s mother. Meera had to say about this that – I am 22 years old, so how can I play the role of an 18 year old daughter? Yes, I believe that many actresses do this. I might have done that too. But I believe I don’t look that mature right now. 



6. Parul Chauhan –

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