Aiman ​​Khan has started his perfume business after clothes . Aiman ​​Khan looks young and cute first in red pair . Aiman ​​has new photos with friends .

Aiman Khan the famous actress and Model and also a business who launch their own Clothing brand and Now She also start the business in the Fragrance line. Recently She wore the red queniest dress and She looking so happy to become the superstar and millionaire in just 23 years of Age and She officially has 9 million followers on Instagram.

Aiman Khan also has a cute daughter Amal Muneeb who also very famous like her Mother on Social Media. Muneeb Butt also part of this fragrance Business They both are the greatest couple who will become the top level of their carrier. Let’s check some new and adorable pictures of Aiman Khan launching a Fragrance with her own Name.

In the wake of dispatching internet clothing, Aiman Khan currently possesses an aroma item in her name. Alongside Aiman Khan, her significant other Muneeb Butt, Hania Aamir, and Farhan Saeed’s fragrance has likewise been dispatched in their name. Prior, senior entertainer Faisal Qureshi had additionally dispatched his aroma line.

Aiman Khan has taken hearts of numerous little youngsters just as men all over Pakistan. However, this beguiling woman isn’t single any longer. She is presently hitched with the attractive hunk and shocking entertainer Muneeb Butt.

Kohasaa is a recently dispatch brand that is helped to establish by the three accomplices. Komal Rizvi, Hasan Rizvi and Saad Saeed are the glad proprietors of Kohasaa. The proprietors needed to foster quality scented items , their definitive point was to dispatch quality fragrances in reasonable cost in Pakistan.

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