Alizey Shah Breaks Silence Over Yasir Nawaz’s Claim

In Ahsan Khan’s weekly show ‘Timeout with Ahsan Khan’, director and actor Yasir Nawaz and a veteran morning show host Nida Yasir were invited as guests where they shared their experience in the entertainment industry. In response to a question, Yasir shared that he had difficulty working with Alizey Shah in the drama serial Mera Dil Mera Dushman.

He further said that he didn’t like working with the actress so much so that when the team urged to increase the drama episodes, he sternly turned down the offer without considering the drama’s rising fame.

The Ehd-e-Wafa actress Alizey Shah retorted “I think everyone is different. Everyone connects to a person differently. For instance, just like our families, we don’t get along with everyone. We might have a difference of opinion from our father or mother. Similarly, our drama sets are like a family. We don’t always get along. One should expect the same behaviour same as they behave towards them. If you will misbehave with me, I will not stay quiet. I will respond back.”

It exasperated Yasir to act with Alizey and he was not enjoying it, Nida further elaborated. “Yasir usually gets along with everyone and doesn’t have issues with his co-actors while acting, but I don’t comprehend why he didn’t get along with Alizey.”

“I think one has to be cautious who one is going to be cast with otherwise the experiences do not turn out good for actors.” She continued. Yasir further added “actors should keep their private life separate while they are on the set for acting. I couldn’t agree with the team for increasing the number of episodes although the reduction in the number of episodes was agreeable from my side.”

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