What Is All That Matters To Noor Bukhari Now?

Former Pakistani showbiz industry director, model and actress Noor Bukhari has said that she is now at a point in her life where she only listens to her heart and is living a happy life because of that.

Noor Bukhari shared a photo of her birthday celebration to her Instagram account in which she can be seen posing with a cake and some gifts.


The former actress wrote in the caption of her post, “One more year older or one more year wiser or one more year down to reach the final destination? Well whatever it is its my birthday and i thank Allah for each year and person who have been part of my life this journey.”

She added, “.. as i get old each year i learn sumthing and now i have reached the age where i no longer need crap around me. I do what i want i meet who i want and get a good vibe. I want to help others and be kind to ppl around me. Want to raise my kids well and for me nothing is much important then my family. My husband my kids my sister my mother . Trust me thats all what matters now.”

A large number of her fans are wishing the former actress on her birthday post on Instagram.

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