Tiktoker Alishbah Anjum Recreates Faysal Quraishi’s Recent Viral Video With Jannat Mirza

TikTok star Alishbah Anjum has made a funny parody TikTok video with her sister Jannat Mirza, who is also famous Tik Toker on Faysal Quraishi losing his temper during a live show which is largely being liked by internet users.

In a recent segment of the game show, ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’, host Faysal Quraishi got instigated by a participant’s uncultured behavior which made him lose his temper and he walked off the stage while the show was being recorded and aired live.

Alishbah has made a video with her sister Jannat, and shared the video on her TikTok account, and tagged this video to her sister. The video is being well-liked by netizens.

“chappairen mar rahi ho yaar” she wrote with the video

Take a look:

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