Aima Baig And Shahbaz Shigri Announced Their Wedding Date

It seems they haven’t released anything to the public regarding their relationship, but their social media posts have to say something else. Aima has always been silent about her relationships and love life and hasn’t announced much of it to the public.

Even though, people did suspect her and Sahir Ali Bagga, who she featured in Coke Studio with, to be interested in each other. But she remained silent about those rumors as well. Yet, now she posts a lot of pictures with Shahbaz Shigri and people have started to speculate. She hasn’t denied any of the rumors and has, more so, uploaded even more pictures with him.



The last straw for the fans was when Aima and Shahbaz traveled to the U.S together. They didn’t upload pictures of each other together while traveling but people were quick to capture hints in the pictures on their individual accounts.

Here is a picture that Aima posted of herself with the location set to Washington. She can be seen sporting a chic orange jacket while a glowing machine with the words ‘galactix’ is situated behind her.


Afterward, Shahbaz posted his own picture on his official account and the location appears to be similar. The same machine is located behind him. And even though Aima posted her picture weeks after Shahbaz, it is still safe to conclude they went abroad together because they’ve been good friends for a while now.

Moreover, this isn’t the end of it. There have countless pictures that they have posted of each other on their accounts. Even if the official word isn’t out, fans still believe that they are an official couple.

Here are some of their pictures that started to stir debate regarding their relationship.

Aima Baig uploaded this on her official Instagram account and so did Shahbaz. This was the post that fed questions in her fans’ minds as to what might be going on between them. However, Aima as well as Shahbaz, both didn’t mention anything and continued to display themselves as good friends.


Once again, this cute selfie between the celebrities was adored and welcomed throughout. People complimented their skin, hair, styles, everything, and even raised brows at their relationship.


Lastly, this picture ended up stirring Pakistani Instagram as well but left a lot of questions.


Although they look like great friends or a potential couple, some have even been raising the issue of Shahbaz Shigri being married. However, he broke up with model, Aisha Linnea more than a year ago. They had been a couple for ten years but had to part ways because of personal reasons.

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